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Private Home Sessions
You host a session at your home with a minimum of 5 of your family or friends (no maximum) $85 per person.  Cost includes a qualified Paramedic coming to your home.  You will receive a hamper bag per person, a poster summarising all emergencies and a box of cupcakes for the group.  (Note: Minimum of 5 for Sydney based clients, Minimum of 8 outside of Sydney)


Exclusive sessions
A one on one session at either your home or one of our venues with one of our qualified Paramedics.  $500 maximum of two people at your home.  Cost includes Paramedic Presenter, All course Equipment, Hamper bag with poster and band aids and complimentary first aid kit. Cupcakes for the two attendees.


What we cover:

  • CPR for babies & Children

  • Choking

  • Anaphylaxis and allergies

  • Burns

  • Drownings

  • Febrile convulsions

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Head injuries & trauma

  • Meningococcol

  • Bites & stings

  • Poisons

WE COME TO YOU –  7 DAYS A WEEK  ( this includes weekends and after hours)



We need very little space to conduct this course. Our main priority is to ensure you, your guests and most importantly babies under 12 months are relaxed, comfortable and happy.

All participants will receive a summary poster to take home and complimentary cupcakes to go with your coffee/tea.


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